The Joker and the Wallflower

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Masks i made in like 2010 i think? (maybe even 2009 woah) outta clay

I got crit today on my comic and my exam tomorrow so I should be free soon and be able to do things again…. (like finish writing nano whoops)

7: Little Boy Blue, Come Blow Your Horn

“What do you mean, ‘I don’t think so’?”  Jill demanded, at the bottom of the pit, her expression hardened now as a pit formed in her gut as well.  She watched Little Boy Blue who still remained seated at the top of the pit watching her.
“I’m not allowed, Ernst is coming.  He’s the one who decides what happens—,”

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6: And A Merry Old Soul Was He

Ernst wasn’t particularly fond of putting the two children to work as rigorously as he did but found that with the watchful eye of Ol’ King Cole it was hard not to.   The old merry man had a strange way about him that made Ernst question his motives, not enough, however,  to bring it to light quite so soon.  He had saved the children from exile, which was about the only feather ruffling he could manage at the moment.

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5: Ol’ King Cole Was A Merry Old Soul

Everything was going smoothly, the first night proved success and the second night as well, Jill managed to convince Humpty to take the second serum despite small questions.  It was simple enough telling him that this was what had saved him from the gruesome pain that had overtaken him quite strongly the past couple weeks.  He took it and promptly fell asleep.
On the third night, however, things didn’t go as planned.  Not entirely.  Both Jill and her brother, Jack, had taken to slipping about through the shadows at night when the camp was most quiet.  Tonight was the same, the stars came out to play and the siblings nodded to one another, readied and set and started off through the campsite.

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4: Birds Of A Feather, Flock Together

Jack was struggling an wriggling his way free—or trying to—but the grip of these ladies was much stronger than he anticipated.  He was already gagged without giving him much of a chance to shout or scream for Jill to be warned and he was pinned to the wall, the brick sticking his back with uncomfortable jabs.

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3: To Fetch A Pail Of Water

When Humpty Dumpty woke it was often due to pain.  He would quietly whine and groan until whomever was keeping watch either fetched the nursemaids and doctors or was one of these and helped him with a sleep drought.  They would shoo anyone from the room then and being working anew, trying to fix him up right to chase the pain away for the next time he should wake.  Every time for days after was the same.  He would wake with a groan, a cry or a whine.  Someone would run yelling.  The healers would do their working.  

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2: And All The King’s Men

Sprinting through the streets they learned at very young ages that they needed to be silent and not to cause a commotion within the people residing in the cities.  For one they weren’t even supposed to be out and about so close to these without the guidance of adult supervision.  But they were kids and they were young and they always insisted in getting into mischief.

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Apologies And Good Things

For those of you waiting for the continuation of Bonaventure, fEAR NOT.  I promise I will be getting back to it. I just realized it was hitting some really intense emotional things that were kinda parallel to my life making it a little bit harder to write than anticipated.

But I promise once Green Tree Green Tree is finished (hopefully by the end of April) I will be moving forward with some more Bonaventure.  Thanks for your patience.

Also for everyone waiting for regular uploads and suchlike I’m on my last weeks of class before summer break hits and then I have a whole slew of projects I want to be working on.

The list of fanciful things you can expect from me well be up perhaps later tonight or once I find a spare niche of time.

Love you all, thanks for the follow, new followers and thanks for sticking around you guys.  I just hit 105 and you guys are wonderful (don’t worry the giveaway is coming too I just didn’t expect it to be so soon!)

Take care!


1: For If I Do, He’s Sure To Cry

“Little Boy Blue come blow your horn,”  Jill teased, singing out his rhyme with a horn in the air, waving it about and preventing the smallest child from practicing.  “The sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in the corn,”
“Jill stop.  I just want to play.”  Little Boy Blue whined.  He was the smallest child of the campgrounds who wasn’t merely a newborn baby.

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So I have two lighting options here and i’m leaning quite heavily towards the second option because it makes me think of someone who accidentally left a room door open.

But alas the whole construction is complete?  now to shoot.